Microsoft Ignite 2015: Day 4 Thoughts

1 minute read

It is the end of another day of Microsoft Ignite, and I must say today was the best day I have had so far this week. The mobile app did not crash on me nearly as much; I think I only had to put my phone in airplane mode twice today to prevent the app from crashing. Lunch was even reasonably decent.

Anyway, on to the sessions, I had some excellent sessions about Powershell goodness with Jeffrey Snover. The first was about JEA, Just Enough Administration. The concept is, using Powershell JEA endpoints and JEA toolkits, administrators can have granular control over what functions and cmdlets users have access to. For example, instead of allowing a user to restart any processes, it can be controlled down to which processes that person can restart. If you are interested in checking out more about this the session video is posted online on the channel9 site; you can check it out here.

Also, Mark Minasi and Mark Russinovich had a good talk about cloud computing. It was probably one of my favorite talks as it was amusing, informative, and a laid back session. I highly recommend checking out the video for this session as well. Once again available on channel9 here.

I wrapped up the day with some more Powershell goodness — PowerShell unplugged by Jeffrey Snover and Don Jones. Don mostly just crashed it apparently but still good stuff. They discussed new things that are coming out in Powershell V5 such as the introduction of classes and the new package management. Check it out here.