Microsoft Ignite 2015: Post Conference

1 minute read

Well, a week has passed since the end of Microsoft Ignite. After digging myself out all the things in the office that did not get done while I was away, I finally have time to write this.

Thinking back to Ignite, I am delighted that all sessions were recorded and posted on Channel9 along with the slide decks. And that a lot of the speakers also provided additional things like example scripts as well that are available.

With that in mind, I doubt that I will go to Ignite next year. It will be in the same location which I am not a huge fan of. Due to the issues that I had with things like there were not hotels within a short walking distance of the actual venue, the shuttle buses were only ran in the morning and evening along with the venue workers making everyone feel like cattle how they yelled and screamed to usher attendees from one location to the other.

Instead of going to Ignite, I will wait for all of the sessions to be posted online, and pick and choose the ones that look interesting to me and get the content that way. Right now TechMentor seems to be my current idea of replacing going to Ignite.

Also, things such as PowerShell Saturday’s and SQL Saturday’s are some excellent ideas for smaller training/industry events as well. But as for now, Ignite is not on my list of training/conference events for next year. However, I will be following what people say about next year Ignite and depending on what I hear from the community from it maybe Ignite will be back on my radar in 2017. That should give them plenty of time working out the conflict of bringing five conferences into one and the issues that occurred this year.